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We are a the global leader in cultivating innovation within the public sector. IM Global bridges the gap between traditional governance and cutting-edge technology, empowering startups to revolutionize public services through groundbreaking solutions.

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Our special cohorts in public sector are focused on encouraging the creation and use of innovative solutions for the governments worldwide.

Our focused group helps the public sector identify challenges that can be solved by emerging technologies, engages startups and SMEs to create innovative solutions and accelerates teams.

Market Access Programs

IM Global specializes in facilitating market entry for startups worldwide, providing strategic insights and networks crucial for navigating diverse global markets.

Urban Impact Cohort

We curate specialized cohorts that address government problem statements, fostering collaboration between startups and governmental entities.

Funding Access

We offer comprehensive funding support, connecting startups with investors and funding opportunities tailored to their growth stage and market sector.

Strategic Advisory Services

We provide strategic advisory services to startups seeking to enhance their market positioning and operational efficiency.

Spark Innovation with Local Government Leaders and Startups

For Startups

Resources for entrepreneurs from idea stage to scale.

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For Gov Leaders

Drive innovation with programs, Peer-learning, and more.

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For Investors

Need govtech insights? Join our Venture Partner Network.

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For Industry

Industry experts and nonprofits play a key role in our mission.

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